Those darned photographs!
Of all people to find it and of all times to see it!
I’m quite ashamed. I am sorry.

It’s ironic that in a few hours, after I learned about trust & respect, some relic of the past shows up and is revealed to people I trust & respect.
A past that I sought to bury.

Photographs, I shouldn’t have let you ever be printed. I was a fool to let myself take you out for self-amusement; how selfish is that amusement when it would later cause thorns to reemerge from within.

Photographs, I know that the past was. It is what it is. It was what it was. And that’s that. I know you freeze-framed those moments, a moment out of a million myriads of actions and thoughts, those freeze-framed picture-perfect quality snapshots of a life that was never to be for me. A dream that had been dreamt and drunk and deemed as phantoms. A nightmare that shattered my skewed senses, and woke me pierced with a wound.

I’ll never forget the eyes of the rosy thorn. The eyes that once loved, now they screen death. To see the eyes of the thorn,.. is my great fear. Those dead eyes.

Photographs, I had brought you back for self-amusement… and for hopes, of seeing thorns past. Hoping those thorns can come back… and become roses again.

I was a fool. Forgive me.
I should never have manifested those photographs to being.
Goodbye, photographs. I can’t bear to let you be; the idyllic dreams of the past has faded and will never be. But the bright, shining hope of the future is far greater; the past is the past and I will grasp that.

It is what it is.
It was what it was.
It will be what it will be.

As for me,
I resolve to do my best
with what’s been given to me.

and let photographs
be photographs
and nothing more.

+Michael K
[more contributions of Michael Kwon in “art-mode”. huzzah! ;]

i missed blogging; so much freer than journaling. and i really do not care if my thoughts are broadcasted; i’m not crazy enough to let my thoughts into real gritty detail over the blogosphere 😉 Speaking/expressing things poetically can get the point across better, sometimes.
besides, if ppl rly did care, they would ask for clarification if they wanted/needed it 🙂


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