From faith

For faith.

Near Romans 1:17, there is the sense that God’s righteousness is revealed from faith to faith to faith to faith… and so on,

How the entirety of a person’s life can reveal much…

It convicts me and cuts me deep…
Even in the last hour, I am just fully aware of my stupidity & sinfulness revealed within that 60 minute period…

After much comsideration, one honest prayer I have,.. is for God to conform me into a dignified young man of God.

One thing I can start is my tongue.

Hopefully, I can unite this divided soul; no more duality between my written words and my spoken words. No more corruption from my words.

You know,, all this deliberation & hope for change was only possible after my eyes were opened by dying King.. I can never be ashamed of what made all this true.

I’m thankful that grace can be the basis of my hope.
More later


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