Can you believe that it is rather easy for us to put people in a box and typify them as some label? I know I am very guilty of this, because often times, I see a person, observe their actions, and after a while, catalog them as a “type” and move on.

People are more complex than I thought.

I used to theorize that after a good while of observing and deducing, a person can be calculated & reduced to variables… essentially, by plugging in these “numbers” [gathered from data observed in a person], and calculating all the possibilities via ‘person equation’, I would be able to predict the most likely course of action that the person would take.

That was prideful in my thinking and reasoning. To say that people can be reduced to numbers is tantamount to reducing a human soul into a 1 page paper. There may be attempts to “capturing” the soul, via snapshots, journaling, singing, and so forth,.. but all these attempts are just this:

catching the rain

The futility of grasping, cupping all of the rain, into one’s palms… hoping to catch everything.. but never successful in containing everything… The best result out of all these, is only to catch the “essence”, the feeling of what the subject is.

Essentially, I had sought to do the impossible, in trying to catch all of the rain, without fully understanding that I never will. How can I, the finite, attempt to do what only the infinite is permitted to do? I am rather glad,.. that God has surprised me & broke me out of these labels. Now, i am no longer confined to catching the rain without any hope… Now I am free to catch whatever I can catch, and being completely content with what I hold, with open hands…

Hence, today is a new day; I am thankful,.. that about a year later, the labels are peeling off, the scabs are finally falling out, the memories of the thorn is dying, the fog of fear is leaving,

the faze, the vines are finally fading.

No longer bound to names and titles, no longer trapped in by fear and approval,

the labels are finally fading away.

I stand, with open arms and open eyes, looking upward, to the rising dawn

Thank you.


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