Anyways, I’m finally done with my projects.. with one difficult final staring at me.

Let’s review what I read today:

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” -Heb 13:2

I was SOOO confused on the last part of that verse.. but then Lot and Sodom & Gomorrah came up as the reference! omgosh! the ppl didn’t know that they were dealing with angels when the strangers came!

It really puts a new spin onto the term “welcoming the newcomers” 😉

A philosophy that I have stated, reinstated, and beaten over the head with is this: “The random person that you meet may become the closest companion you ever had.” Now, obviously, we shouldn’t go into the deep end and fantasize deeply about RANDOMLY meeting ur ‘true love’ or any of that cultural junk…

but the point being is this: The person that you may be talking to for the first time.. in a few months,.. he or she could very well become your dear friend.

This philosophy is true for me; for an example, the people I live with.. I never EVER would have even thought that I would be living with them, on the day I first met them. But God is amazing and now here we are!

So, how does this apply, to the verse I just typed up? Well, you never know who the person really is, whenever you chat with someone, and at the moment of talking with her, you never know who the person will become to you. Nevertheless, do not neglect in showing hospitality and have a sober, humble outlook when you meet new people.

It helps to really have an understanding of such things.



4 thoughts on “hospitality

  1. sooooooooooooooooooOooooo true

    But when i think of this verse, I think of Bruce almighty… and how God was the black hobo. From the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, it seems like the citizens knew that the angels were ‘beautiful’ men. So although the Sodom and Gomorrah example is almost perfect, I think it misses out on something too. Because, this verse also seems to address the notion of us being suspicious, distrusting, and ungenerous to people we DEEM as strangers- not the beautiful people, the normal people, but in our society, the homeless, the sick, the …minorities? Anything goes. really.
    I just feel that this verse implores those to be kind to people who we think are strange… as well as the everyone else.

  2. yeah. u got me. my analysis was a bit extrapolated.

    the basic principle remains the same; be hospitable to strangers, u may never know who the strangers are.

    i just happened to extend that in the topic of welcoming. but yeah! very sharp, empress t-sa 😉

  3. hi mike kwon! it’s judy who has visited SD before but does not talk to you that often when she visits. stumbled upon your blog today. interesting posts.

    i think something to think about is also how the people you meet are always hurting whether they know it or not. this world we live in is a broken world that is not redeemed until Jesus comes back, and we each carry our own hurt. yes, God heals, but he works through people to heal us. sometimes, those people just need someone who says hi and who cares for them with genuine love that is drawn from God himself. it is not only about if that person can become your friend but if you desire to be the person’s friend and if you desire to be a biblical brother to that person. after all, love is more meaningful when we commit to the other person when he/she does not really commit to the friendship right? God loves us even though there is nothing about us that is lovable. He keeps us from falling away though we turn away from him many times. unconditional love. how beautiful it is.

    anyway, good posts on your thoughts on the Word. 🙂

    • ur comment also has good thoughts indeed! 🙂 i like how u expanded on that thought and focused it on God’s love (:
      Imma learn to do that too ^^

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