One Year

It’s fascinating to observe how people can change with one year.

One year is all it takes for a person to change from singing praise songs to revealing that they weren’t truly singing those songs from the start.

One year is all it takes for a person to say “rational thought ‘convinced’ them”, when instead, it was truly a deeper physiological lure of sensations that momentarily blocks the fact that whispers “all is vanity”.

One year is all it takes for a person to finally realize what dignity & self-control looks like in one’s life, even after years over years of learning abstract theories of those godly character traits from such godly men.

One year is all it takes for a person to find himself writhing & writing away his thoughts, realizing that some consistencies remain, in spite of all the relative changes that has transpired.

Hold that thought.

It seems like I had been expressing bitterness towards apostasy, towards the falling away of the faith, towards the hypocrites revealing themselves. Let’s look that and see why Michael Kwon would say these things. So far, I hear arguments and statements against God, but the one consistency that I’ve observed in these arguments is that there is always a lifestyle that hates the cross. Pointed questions and circular logic buttress their thinking: take anything and everything that can deny the cross; do anything and everything, except receive Christ.

For receiving Christ would mean that you have to give up having premarital sex.

For receiving Christ would mean you would have to give up partying, make-out sessions, and getting drunk.

For receiving Christ would mean your life would make a 180 degree turn from where it was headed.

For receiving Christ would mean life reformation.

For receiving Christ means submission to ultimate authority.

For receiving Christ is complete transformation.

In the light of all this, I’m amazed consistently at the grace that lets me breathe, in spite of everything.
To know that I can say such hard things is to reveal how close and how deep I was in the territory known as hypocrisy and apostasy. That I can say one thing, and act another thing. That I don’t practice what I preach. That I nullify the truth with my life lies.

The old adage “takes one to know one” feels so keen to me. That I was a wolf, in sheep’s clothing, with instincts and heart to consume. Even with this, grace upon grace poured on me like rain, until I finally realized how far I’ve gone. As I wrote the previous paragraph, it convicted me how much insight I had in this area of faithlessness, simply due to my experiences… without those memories, I would not be able to say such things. As now, I find myself reminiscing and reminding myself of the true & the obvious. I remind myself of what past experience has proven true of what the obvious has preached to me in those years before.

Yet, if anything, my life shows that the Gospel’s power is amazing! I’m only saved by the faith which God has given me! Truly, if God can save Michael, God can save anyone!

The Word says in Romans 8 that “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” The Bible does not preach a message of despair; it’s one of hope! of love! of the Gospel!

I’ll end the post with this in mind: In the evangelical circles, the well-known verse of John 3:16 is memorized it by rote repetition. While it teaches such a fundamental truth about the Gospel,… it does fail to highlight a key point to the message. And the verse after John 3:16 states it.

John 3:17 says it clearly: “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.”

There is a chance to change. There is always a way to come back, as long as you draw breath. The Son of God was slaughtered, just to prove how much God loves you. The Lord and Savior of all time was slain on the cross, so that there can be salvation through Him!

Instead of letting one year carry you & change you, take hold of what you know and remind yourself of the true & the obvious. Remember and memorialize the past, but move forward; don’t let history entangle and hold you back.

Don’t let one year change you without your consent. Hold on to the truth that’s been given to you. Live up to who you are in Christ’s blood.


PS: Visited a friend’s church today. It was really good! The pastor preached on Matthew 3:11-12. Baptism of Holy Spirit and baptism of unquenchable fire of judgment. More on that later.


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