Yesterday, someone noted that we are halfway done with this academic year. This means that I’m halfway done being a 3rd year at UCSD. This means that I”m halfway closer to finishing the 3rd year at UCSD and going on to my 4th year.

This is rather interesting, as several events has happened such that I may end up graduating earlier than I had planned. This changes plans and expectations for me. We’ll see how this goes.

On another note, I find that whether or not I personally like it, I am becoming more and more drawn towards church ministry. Earlier this morning, I was chatting with my roommate and we were talking about collages and photos. If you had asked me a year earlier on what I would make a collage on, I would’ve proudly responded, “My dance team.”

This year, I proudly responded “My church.”

Why? Well,…

in spite of everything, I learned that nothing will ever be like church fellowship. It is, as John MacArthur has stated, “a little piece of heaven, down here at earth.”

Now, I can already hear arguments against the church, come up and fight; i already spent a good portion of my time, typing out responses to rebuttals and so forth. But basically, I’m going to be blunt and say that you’re fooling yourself. Like a magic show, we want to be fooled, because reality is just too much to bear.

Ahah! That line of thinking has been used against the church, but think about it; if reality says that there is a holy God who’s going to kill you for your sins, then I would think that the ‘godless’ illusion is easier to bear than the reality of God. For no one naturally wants to accept that Christ is LORD and that he died to save people from being killed by God. So, instead, people will just “fool” themselves, thinking that there is no God [ref Psalm 14], instead of submitting to the lordship of Jesus. I still have yet to meet a God-fearing atheist. πŸ˜‰

Submit to Christ and find a good local church body to plug in to! Be involved in God’s work here! πŸ˜€

What I’ve come to realize is that, despite the church’s imperfections and people’s sinfulness, it still is my slice of heaven on earth.

If church is something you prize so much, how does our life show that notion? How are we faithful witnesses to that particular aspect?


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