For me,

I feel that the pen is the focused and precise.

“Calm in the Storm” is the phrase that I think about when I journal; focusing and trimming my rain of thoughts to fit into a tangible, physical medium is a challenge that I rise up to the occasion, every day. Without this discipline of focus and self-control, it’s rather easy to be swept by the waves. Calm in the Storm.., even as the downpour of consciousness flows in, I remain calm as I, with hands held high, catch the cascade and concise the flow into single streams of lines. Single streams of lines that are understood.

I think it is common sense for people who do suffer this affliction of “rainy thoughts”, that we must take great care in not letting waves sweep us away. Instead, we must be courageous, brave enough to dive into the raging squall and master the beast of our thoughts.

+Michael Kwon

PS: I am completely digging this ambience rainy sound: http://www.rainymood.com/ For some odd reason, this puts me at a peaceful mood, hearing the rain and the thunder…


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