“Morality, like art, consists of drawing a line somewhere” -GK Chesterton

Why should anyone have integrity? Looking around,  we can see that people wants to define what is good to them and live out their dreams and expectations; throw your childhood dreams in the pot of greed as you reach for the skies. How you reach for the skies depend on how many feet you crush, how many faces you flatter, how many bodies you lay in making your great wall. Only then, perhaps maybe,.. your fame can be seen from the moon.

… not with a naked eye, but maybe with a telescope.

Then, afterwards, you yourself lay your own body. Simply to be added as another commodity of a superficial, crumbling sandcastle of shallow deeds. Once the waves of time washes over, nothing is remains,.. except for the sea and the shore.

So, why have integrity? Why engage yourself in the art of morality, the art that many leave behind?

Integrity can cost you your home, your comforts, your friends, and even your life. But what it will give you is something worth while, something that lasts longer than your sandcastles.

Even as the waves of time and storms of havoc whirlwind around you, towers with godly integrity can never fall.

In the very end, everything is of passing value, but godliness is of eternal value.

Where does it start? The antithesis of integrity is hypocrisy; start from there, dealing with hypocrisy, for that can undermine your foundation in what you build your character on. If you are hypocritical, then that shows a flaky foundation to set one’s character on.

When will our yes’s be yes’s and no’s be no’s? When will we say what we mean and do what we say? When will we stop being many persons to many people and instead, be one complete person to all? When can we stop living for all others and live for one?


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