Going back and reading some of the stuff I’ve written in the past.

It’s crazy to see how flawed I was before, and how much my thinking has changed since then. Naturally, as one grows older and experiences more in life, we would think that the amount of errors and mistakes should decrease [or at least, not repeat the same mistakes…. hopefully]

On that thought,… some things don’t change that easy; it’s haunting to see consistency in some of the errors I make.

Rashness, disorganized, foolhardiness, and so forth.. the list of flaws is big for Michael Kim Kwon.

9 Journals, 2 sheets of papers later, I’ve beaten some and won victoriously, by the grace of God. But i’ve been wounded and lost disgracefully by things that still pervades in my life since the start. Hence, the past tends to echo back in vicious ways.

In the light of all this, do we despair? Do we throw up our hands and give in? By all means, NO. Fight on, and keep pressing onwards. Know that things CAN change, that God will complete the good work in you, that by His grace, you CAN change for the better. Throw away whatever that may hinder and hold back. Completely know what it means to have NO condemnation in Jesus. Understand what it means to be a child of God. Even with such gutsy guilt, trust Him to the hilt!

[knowing that things that you do is wrong, acknowledging guilt, you still have the guts to trust Christ and fight on! Hence the term, “gutsy guilt”; guilt is not the main motivator for change, for it cannot sustain anything lasting.]

Even in such Flawed state, there is Hope.


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