Sometimes, the past revisits us in weird ways.

It does bring sorrow for me. I can never go back, no matter how much I try… And I’m truly thankful for that.

A few nights ago, I had a dream that I thought I would never dream; I dreamed of reconciling with my rosy thorn.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the specifics. But a friend put it this way: “You were caught in her love spell”  How piercingly true is that. Being caught in such a spell would cost me so much,.. including the pain of being stricken with guilt, bitterness, and betrayal. What pierced me the most was that, I set myself for all that. Yet, many times I prayed for it to all go away, but it stayed for such a while; from this, I learned so many hard lessons…

Few months ago, this was posted in my profile:

Can I say to my mistake, my curse, this: “You are truly a blessing to me”

Can we take the bad and learn from our mistakes? Can we realize that even in midst of our weakness, there is strength in Him? Can we be able to say to our thorns that they are truly God’s blessing to us, teaching us hard lessons in ways that we remember most clearly?

Can we ultimately be able to do all things, (even with our curses, our thorns, piercing us) and learn to be content in all situations?

To reconcile the past, to forgive our debtors, finally, to ultimately move on and resolve to never fall like that ever again?

I resolved to never fall for thorns and love spells ever again. I can never go back.


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